Pete Lupo


Hometown: Lenoir, NC

Sculpting since 1983, Pete brings an intimate knowledge of wildlife, their habitat and their interaction with mankind. Growing up around his grandparents farms in rural southeastern North Carolina, he was rewarded with an awareness of the simple things of life. How a change in light can reveal color and form in everyday objects that so often go unnoticed, learning along the way that sometimes we must slowdown in order to see.

Working primarily in Tupelo or Basswood, he carves wildlife and man-made objects in a realistic style. Each component of a composition is carved entirely out of wood, then copper or brass sheets are hand cut and shaped into flowers, leaves or grasses. He completes the process by applying multiple thin washes of acrylic paint to bring the piece to life. The finished piece captures a moment of co-existence between beings.

“To me, nature, truly wild nature, is the only reality. It is the perfect cycle; it manages itself, cares for itself, and rights its own wrongs. It is not anything other than what it is. Perfect.”