2017 Featured Artist! Julia Rogers

We are pleased to announce that Julia, and Easton Maryland artist, is our Featured Artist for this year’s Waterfowl Festival!

“I have an endless desire to paint and over the years I have worked in several mediums and gradually developed a distinctive style that is seen today in my oil paintings. I also paint a wide variety of subjects. It is important to expand and try new things and push into different areas. Painting en plain air, figurative work and portraiture are all part of my discipline. Extensive travel is also documented in my portfolio. Many periods of growth in my paintings can be attributed to reference trips I have taken. Wildlife has been very inspirational to my work.”

Title of Image 1: Silent and Grey

Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 24x18

Title of Image 2: Lounging Cougar

Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 15x30

Title of Image 3: Community Gathering

Medium: Oil
Dimensions: 24x28