Glenn McMurdo

Hometown: Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Woodcarving for the first time in 1986, Glenn A. McMurdo quickly earned his impressive reputation as a world class sculptor.  He sculpts songbirds and birds of prey as well as his primary interest, waterfowl.  The artistry of his waterfowl carvings has already taken a remarkable 500 international and Canadian awards, with over one hundred birds completed for competition since he began to carve.  The life-like characteristics of his works have made McMurdo carvings sought after for private collections throughout the world

In addition to sculpting outstanding wildfowl to exhibit, for entry into competitions and to fulfill commissions for collectors, McMurdo generously shares his knowledge of the woodcarver’s art.  He teaches carving and painting throughout North America.   McMurdo’s expertise as a sculptor is recognized by his peers with invitations to adjudicate at international carving competitions.

He remains driven by the challenges of nature’s art forms.  Familiarity urges him on.  Whether bird watching or woodcarving, McMurdo is always developing a greater understanding of wildfowl.  As he says, “once I’ve decided on the attitude or posture for a bird — alert, restful or aggressive — it is very important to carry this theme from the eyes to the tail feathers”.  Every feather group and gesture must send the same signal.  When viewers remark upon the “expression” of his sculptures, Glenn McMurdo feels he has communicated his passion and appreciation for wildfowl.