Bruce Woodward

Hometown: Sykesville, Maryland

Bruce Woodward, a native of central Maryland, grew up amidst peaceful, rural surroundings that have provided the influence for much of his watercolor and acrylic landscape paintings.  Favored pastimes of fly-fishing, hiking, and camping have afforded him first-hand opportunities to experience the Mid-Atlantic geographical diversity from mountains to shore and to closely observe wildlife within these bounds.  Many paintings are conceived of personal observations of the rural landscapes and wildlife of the Appalachian Mountains, Chesapeake Bay region, and Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Much of Mr. Woodward’s work pays homage to the legacies of disappearing landscapes and ways of life.   Capturing the landscapes of our agrarian roots has been a centerpiece of his work as he preserves these images of a passing way of American life.  Similarly, much of his work also records a fleeting way of life from the Chesapeake Bay region, that of the watermen, their workboats, and the marshes and waterways they call home.

Increasingly, Bruce’s most recent works reflect his longtime interest in the spirit of fly-fishing and its intimacy with the natural world.  His direct experiences on regional streams and rivers during fly-fishing trips lend authenticity and atmosphere to finished works, which celebrate the sport in its truest form.