Apply to be an Official Food Vendor


Through an application process, Official Food Vendors are selected each year by Easton’s Waterfowl Festival Commission – a Town of Easton entity charged with ensuring that Easton’s small town charm is preserved during our event. Vendors must be non-profits (such as churches or volunteer fire companies) or can be caterers or restaurants that are donating proceeds to a local non-profit.  The Commission’s application deadline is August 1 each year.  If you are interested in applying in the future, please email


Other Temporary & Expanded Food Services during the Festival

Talbot County Health Department staff conduct inspections of all food service venues during the Festival.  To ensure the safety of visitors, they require all:

  • Festival Official Food Vendors;
  • Restaurants wishing to serve outside their normal physical space and/or place of business; and,
  • Businesses wishing to serve food during events in Easton;

To submit an application and receive approval for a Temporary Food Permit (PDF) .  Their deadline is October 15, 2019 although Official Food Vendor applicants are requested to submit with their Commission application.