Be a Volunteer

The success of the Festival stems from the hard work and hospitality offered by our corps of dedicated volunteers.  We invite you to join the team!

Each year we recruit, train and depend upon more than 1,500 volunteers to make the whole event happen. While mostly from Talbot County, some even travel from across the country simply for the fun of volunteering at our annual event. Festival planning and preparations go on year round, so volunteers are always needed for a multitude of tasks. More than 60 volunteer committee chairs invest hours of their time coordinating Festival details and they, in turn, depend on hundreds of others to help get things done. Volunteer opportunities are small to large, easy to extensive- but always much appreciated!

Check out the descriptions of our various volunteer offerings below and then complete the online Volunteer Sign Up Form here!  Not sure where your best fit is? Call our office at 410.822.4567 or email Leslie Milby at lmilby@waterfowlchesapeake.org.

Volunteer, Youth & Chairmen Opportunities


This is a just sampling of the tasks our wonderful volunteers assist with!

SET UP- It takes a village to transform our village to “Festival ready.” From the weekend before up until the Festival, we could use some muscle to help us set up various exhibits. If you’re interested in this position, let us know when you are available and we’ll guide you to an exhibit crew.

TICKET BOOTHS – A welcoming face to the Festival, you’ll be dealing with cash sales as well as using our user friendly Square system for credit card sales.

FESTIVAL SHOPPES– Help our guests find just the right souvenir at our Middle School or Downtown locations, or be a cashier to ring them up.

SECURITY WATCHMAN– Sort of along the lines of “Night at the Museum,” only hopefully with no exhibits coming to life! While some exhibits are watched overnight by the Easton Police Department, others are volunteer run. (And yes, all venues will be heated through the evening!)

OFFICE HELP– Join the flurry of excitement in the office before, during, and after the Festival. From mailings to phone calls and more, our small year round staff always appreciates some extra hands as these duties seem to ten-fold in the fall season.

GREETERS– Several of our venues could use a friendly face to welcome them to the exhibit, check for a ticket, and tell guests what new, exciting, or special programming that is about to take place.

REGISTERED NURSES– Yes, even nurses are needed. These volunteers can arrange their hours in our first aid station through Jean Volz, at University of Maryland Shore Regional Health.

VIP HOSPITALITY– Part of our VIP experience includes a lounge at the Bulliet House, where volunteer duties may be handing out VIP badges, telling our guests what the Festival has to offer new that year, and otherwise assist our guests.

TIPS TRAINED BARTENDERS– Throughout the weekend, we will need TIPs trained volunteers to serve at special events.

DUCKSITTERS (Volunteers 18 and under)

An important job with a silly title! For decades, our youth volunteers have been known as “Ducksitters.” Our youth volunteers have a variety of fun positions, with everything from our infamous Mascot team, children’s activities helpers, lunch runners, helping with our retriever demonstrations, and much more! As an added bonus, after meeting requirements, some of our youth volunteers are eligible for the Perry Scholarship. To volunteer as a Ducksitter, please fill out the form here.


Many of our artists travel far and wide to join us at the Festival, often incurring large expense. This newly created Chairman position will play “matchmaker” for local households willing to host an artist during Festival weekends. Duties will include creating a questionnaire for the artists and locals and tracking response.


Our Bus Guides put those in Disney World to shame! Ride our toasty buses and let our guests know about our town & what they can expect at each exhibit stop. Cheat sheets are provided! Please contact our wonderful Chair, Mary Ann Ray at maray1234@gmail.com. Shifts will be on Friday, the 9th, and Saturday, the 10th, from 9-noon and noon to 3 each day.


Our Buy, Swap and Sell exhibit is one of our longest running and largest exhibits of the whole Festival! That being said, our long standing chair could use some assistance for the time proceeding and during the Festival. Responsibilities would be helps recruit and choose vendors, assist with coordinating volunteers for set-up and clean up, and otherwise help our “sportsman’s bazaar” go off without a hitch!


The Festival Shoppe Chairman has duties both in the summer and the days leading up to and during the Festival! They work in the pre-season to review and purchase repeat items from established vendors as well as introduce any new items. They assist with assembling volunteers for both the Armory and Middle School Shop locations, set up of display the day prior, and may help during the Festival. In the days following, breakdown and inventory must also be done. This year, ordering has been done so the majority of duties will be during Festival weekend.


The Security Chairman is in charge of coordinating volunteers, volunteer organizations, and Easton Police Department to keep a watchful eye on exhibits during the off-hours of the festival. Much of this coordination is done the weeks prior to the festival, and during the festival the Security chairman will need to be on call.


Without ticket sales, the art, the dogs, the wine— it’s all in vain! Please consider helping with one of our most important jobs of all. Our IPad system is easy to use, and training will be provided. (And yes, our ticket booths have heaters!) Sign up for a shift here!


The chairman helps form a volunteer committee that maintains the Waterfowl Festival warehouse and its contents on a year-round basis. The chair performs needed maintenance and repair of the equipment or budgeting to replace items as needed.