About Dogs

Tom_Miller_018Dogs are a rich part of the tradition of waterfowl hunting and you will discover that four-legged “guests” at the Festival are a common sight all weekend.  In addition to strolling the streets of Easton, here are some Festival spots that are the most dog-friendly.  Please also read on for our Guidance and info about bringing your pup to the Festival weekend.

  • Outdoor exhibits (except Raptors, please, as it upsets the birds)
    • Dock Dogs® – pups of all kinds can compete!
    • Retriever Trials & Fly Fishing Demos
    • Conservation Art Mural / Kids’ Art Activity
  • Music (except Back Alley Bash)

For a nice walk away from the hubub, Easton has a paved Rails To Trails path, just four blocks east of downtown.  You can also visit the dog-friendly RTC Park at the north end of town – off Springdale Street or via a long walk on Rails to Trails path.  The nearest official dog park, Play Ball Dog Park, is 15 mins away in Oxford, MD.

will hemsley v-pursuit1222x822bronzeGUIDANCE for bringing your dog.  

While we love having our furry guests, we ask that dog lovers follow these parameters to ensure everyone’s enjoyment.


  • If you’re bringing your furry friend, he or she must be good with people, crowds and other dogs.
  • Only service dogs are permitted on Festival buses.
  • Only service dogs are permitted in Festival buildings or pavilions (tents).
  • Dog owners will need to find parking in town and walk to exhibits.  See our map for parking areas.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times.
  • For its safety and that of other visitor’s, your dog should be with a person at all times, too.
  • Any pet waste must picked up immediately and deposited in a trash can.
  • Please do not plan to leave your pet in your vehicle.  See the American Veterinary Association info, Pets in Vehicles, which states: “The temperature inside your vehicle can rise almost 20º F in just 10 minutes. In 20 minutes, it can rise almost 30º F…and the longer you wait, the higher it goes. At 60 minutes, the temperature in your vehicle can be more than 40 degrees higher than the outside temperature. Even on a 70-degree day, that’s 110 degrees inside your vehicle! Your vehicle can quickly reach a temperature that puts your pet at risk of serious illness and even death, even on a day that doesn’t seem hot to you. And cracking the windows makes no difference.”

Thank you for helping us have a great Festival weekend for both our two- and four-legged guests!