Randy Conner

Hometown: Candor, New York

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I love watching the birds that come to my backyard feeders as well as watching them in the woods.  I am inspired by great carvers that I have met or work that they have done.  Sometimes just looking at another wood sculpture inspires me to adapt a new composition or painting method. I very much enjoy carving birds with individuality and beauty.

I began woodcarving about 20 years ago. Shortly after beginning to carve, I focused my efforts on bird sculpting because of the amount of detail and realism that I could put into each piece, trying to give it “life” and “attitude”.   I love the process of starting with a block of wood and turning out a lifelike, 3-D detailed work of art. I primarily use acrylic paints for my wood sculptures, using both the airbrush and paint brushes for the fine details.

After I began carving birds, I realized how little I really knew about them; how and where they lived, their anatomy, and learned a lot by observing them in our rural Finger Lakes home on Candor, NY. Now, I always research a bird subject before beginning to carve in order to better understand their behavior, habitat and life.