Rae Hamilton

Hometown: Parkton, MD

“Rae Hamilton is an accomplished, award winning painter whose works are held in private collections across the country. Hamilton studied art at American University, but considers excellence in art a lifelong pursuit. He has studied the Impressionists and their use of color extensively, copied the old masters in an attempt to unlock their secrets, and has been influenced by a number of contemporary painters, including graduates and faculty of the Schuler School of Fine Arts in Baltimore, Maryland, and the Zoll Studio School of Fine Art in Timonium, Maryland.

Hamilton began his art career emulating the work of artists such as Corot, Monet, and Degas, but his work has evolved more toward the traditional and representational. “The more I paint,” he says, “the more motivated I become to depict exactly what I see. The natural world is perfect enough. Portraying the beauty all around us on a two-dimensional surface is a fairly simple goal, but one whose execution requires studious observation, acquired skill, and devotion.” In each of Hamilton’s paintings, one can easily see how important light is to the mood and narrative. By noting and capturing how light defines a given object, his goal is to paint not only the objects in the composition, but the atmosphere as well.”

From https://raehamilton.com/about

Painter, Art at the Armory