Mark Madden


Hometown: Wareham, MA


Mark believes there is something mystical and magical about owls. Creating something out of a block of wood which people want to touch to see if it’s real or how soft it is seems somewhat magical as well.

He lives where the Great Horned & Screech Owls can be heard at night and the Snowy Owls come to visit in the winter.

Mark has been woodcarving since 1992. After winning at a local carving competitions early on, he has not competed for 22 years. Concentrating on his career, he would now like to make career out of carving. The last couple of years he has worked at Improving his skills through taking seminars, taking part in competition and displaying his work at shows. Working his way up the ranks of the Ward World Championships. Where he has won a number of ribbons over the last few years.