Hometown: FRANKLIN, NC

John has lived the better part of his life in Africa. He attended rural schools in Rhodesia and, when not confined to a classroom, went fishing and hunting. Since artistic talent was considered strictly a hobby, he attended an agricultural college and became a rancher and later a hunting guide. Those years turned out to be the anatomy classes for a career in sculpture that began seriously in 2003 when he moved to the United States. John says his inspirations are drawn from his life experiences and he continues to observe and learn from his mistakes.

Title of Image 1: Gone With the Wind

Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: W:15″ H:14″ L:26″ Wght 55lbs

Title of Image 2: Mpookoyini (Night Ape)

Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: W:5″ H:18″ L:18″ Wght 8lbs

Title of Image 3: Running the Gauntlet

Medium: Bronze
Dimensions: W:12″ H:14″ L:20″ Wght 30lbs