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Waterfowl Festival Posters

Each year, the Waterfowl Festival produces a commemorative poster inspired by the work of the year’s Featured Artist. Over the years, the annual poster has become a much sought after collector’s item.

Posters can be purchased on site at the Festival in the Pavilion on Harrison Street, or in advance by calling the Festival Headquarters at 410-822-4567.

Limited prints of past year posters are available. Please view the images and information below to learn which previous posters are available. 

Pricing: All unframed posters are $30.00
Sales Tax: $1.80 if shipped within Maryland
Shipping and Handling: $8.00

2014: Confluence of Blue - Ken Newman
$30 unframed |  $130 framed



2013: Kaleidoscope - Richard Christian
$30 unframed |  $130 framed

2013 Kaleidoscope - Christian

2012: Sunday in the Park – Mark Eberhard

2012 Eberhard Poster FINAL

Showcasing a detail of the 2012 Featured Image by Featured Artist (link to Featured Artist Page),
Mark Eberhard, the 2012 poster features two merganser ducks and vibrant fall foliage.
The poster measures 18” x 28” and is available framed for $105.00 or unframed for $30.00.

2011: Blackwater Woodies -  Don Rambadt

2011 WF Poster

Blackwater Woodies was the signature artwork for the 2011 Festival by sculptor Don Rambadt.
The poster depicts this striking welded steel and bronze sculpture.
Dimensions: 18” x 30”

2009: The Socialites – Art LaMay

2009 The Socialites

2008: The Imposter (Mallards) – Art LaMay

2008 The Imposter-Mallards

2007: The Imposter (Pintails) – Art LaMay

2007 The Imposter-Pintails

2006: The Imposter (Woodducks) – Art LaMay

2006-The Imposter-Woodducks

2005: Because I Said So – Art LaMay


2004: The Beach Boys – Art LaMay

2004-The Beach Boys-Lots of species

2003: Bay Whites – Art LaMay

2003-Bay Whites

2002: Bay Blues – Art LaMay

2002-Bay Blues-Blue Heron 2

2001: Rear Moment – Art LaMay

2001-Rear Moment-Five different Ducks 3

2000: Easton Homecoming – Art LaMay

2000-Easton Homecoming-Lots of Species

1999: Ten Pins – Art LaMay

1998: Mallard Mania – Art LaMay

1998-Mallard Mania-Mallards

1997: Widgeon Hill – Art LaMay

1997-Widgeon Hill

1995: Can Delight  - Art LaMay

1995-Can Delight-Canvasbacks

1994: Golden Boys – Art LaMay

1994 Golden Boys

1992: Rear Admirals – Art LaMay

1992 Rear Admirals

1991: The Ruddy Buddies – Art LaMay

1991 Ruddy Buddies