Harry M. Walsh Waterfowling Artifacts Exhibit

Exhibit Hours:

Friday & Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm

Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm

Location: Easton High School

Part of the mission of the Waterfowl Festival is to preserve and promote the heritage that has made Maryland’s Eastern Shore unique. The annual displays of Waterfowling Artifacts are must-see exhibits for visitors. In Artifacts, one can trace the evolution of waterfowling from an economic necessity to the sport of today. Some of these seldom seen treasurers loaned from private and museum collections date back hundreds of years, and include decoys, guns, gunning boats, and countless related items, some of priceless rarity.

2013 Highlights & Exhibitors

“Crisfield Carvings - Bird Hunting on Broad Waters” – Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum
The waterfowling and carving traditions along Tangier Sound’s open waters are featured in this exclusive presentation by the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, MD. Crisfield's waterfowling and carving traditions are nearly as old as the city itself. Founded after the Civil War, when a railroad spur line was extended across the marshes to reach the waters offTangier Sound, downtown Crisfield was built on oyster shells—the discarded byproduct of the fishing industry that built the city. This special exhibit includes decoys representing this broad variety of birds, as well as original artwork by carver Lem Ward, and other regional works.

“Taxidermy” – The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Artartifact2
A display featuring the art of taxidermy and its history. The Ward Museum¹s curatorial staff approached the exhibit with the goal that each visitor, regardless of how much he might know about the topic, would find something surprising or unusual in the exhibit, so taxidermy of every type and category was sought out for the exhibition.

"Punt Guns & Gunning Lights" - Ronnie & Kim Newcomb




2013 Exhibitors

Bruce & Rose Baynard – Trappe, MD

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum – St. Michaels, MD

John Clayton – Bozman, MD

Edward Bain Dean, Dr. – Fishing Creek, MD

Samuel H. Dyke – Salisbury, MD

Bob  & Cindy Jester – Ocean City, MD

Rick & Connie Kellam – Exmore, VA

B. Douglas Megargee, The Megargee Collection – Kennedyville, MD

Lawrence Myers – Oxford, MD

Ronnie & Kim Newcomb – Church Creek, MD

Henry H. Stansbury – Catonsville, MD

Bill Stryker – Kennedyville, MD

C. John Sullivan Historic Decoys – Fallston, MD 

Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art - Salisbury, MD