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Waterfowl Chesapeake

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Founded in 2011, Waterfowl Chesapeake Inc. will take on and expand the waterfowl conservation work previously supported by the Waterfowl Festival, thereby allowing the Festival organization to concentrate its efforts on maintaining a successful event that will fund future projects.

The mission of Waterfowl Chesapeake Inc. is to create, restore and conserve waterfowl habitat throughout the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and nearby coastal bays by engaging in collaborative, strategic initiatives with organizations, governments, corporations, foundations and individuals. Waterfowl Chesapeake is exclusively dedicated to raising support for and engaging in conservation efforts and is the primary beneficiary of the annual Waterfowl Festival. To learn more about Waterfowl Chesapeake, click here to be directed to the Waterfowl Chesapeake website.