Every year, our Official Festival Food Vendors offer Eastern Shore favorites and traditional festival fare for our visitors. From crab soup, oyster Po’ Boys, pit beef and soft crab sandwiches to dipped apples, burgers and so much more, Festival visitors always love grazing their way around town.

What you may not know is that by purchasing from these Official Food Vendors, you are supporting local non-profit organizations in our community, since every food vendor is either part of a non-profit or is donating its proceeds to one — while offering a small percentage to the Festival, too. It’s another way we can spread the love for fellow  Eastern Shore non-profits, who add so much to our community.

Official 2017 Food Vendors

Downtown Easton




• Hugo’s Kitchen: Pulled pork BBQ, slaw, chili, tuna salad and chicken salad sandwiches, brownies, cookies, oysters on the 1/2 shell. Hosted by and benefiting the Academy Art Museum
• Christ Church: Crab cakes, oyster fritters, clam strips, raw oysters, Shore Boys cream of crab soup, fries, beverages
• Scott’s United Methodist Church: Soft crab sandwiches, combos, and beverages
• Tri-County Ruritan: Hamburgers/cheeseburgers, veg crab soup, fried oyster basket or sandwich, hot dogs, fries, beverages
• Easton Ruritan: Gingerbread goose cookies, roasted peanuts, apples, coffee, and hot cider


• Easton Lions Club: Raw oysters, clam strips, crab cakes, hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, cream of crab soup, fries, funnel cakes, desserts, beverages
• Hot Off the Coals BBQ: Pit beef & smoked turkey, pulled pork bbq, veg & cream of crab soup, fries, beverages Hosted by and benefiting First Night Talbot

High School

• Easton Church of God: FREE coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate and water
• Catering by Jamie: Pit beef sandwich, pit turkey sandwich, vegetable crab soup, chips, beverages Hosted by and benefiting Ronald McDonald House
• Talbot County FFA: 1/4 BBQ chicken with baked or string beans, rolls, drinks

Elks Club

• Easton Elks Club: Oyster stew, crab soup, fried oysters, soft crab sandwiches, crab balls, clam strips and beverages

Middle School

• St. Michaels Fire Department: veg & cream crab soup, clam strips, fried shrimp, corn dogs, Old Bay bratwurst, cheeseburgers, fries, Soft pretzels, coffee, soda, water
• St. Mark’s Church: Rockfish corn chowder, oyster fritters, and beverages (Located across street from Middle School)
• Trinity Cathedral: Jumbo lump crab cakes, hot dogs, cream of crab soup, oysters, chips, fruit, beverages, baked goods
• Easton Ruritan Club: Gingerbread goose cookies, fresh roasted peanuts, coffee, soda, hot and cold cider, apples, holiday dog biscuit wreath
• Frozen Farmer: Ice Cream, milkshakes, & smoothies, banana splits, apple dumplings, hot chocolate Hosted by and benefiting the Good Ole Boys Foundation
• Freedom Rowers: Apple “bombs” with toppings of your choice Hosted by and benefiting Freedom Rowers Youth Rowing Club
• O’Donnell’s Popcorn: Sweet & Salty, Caramel, and Old Bay Popcorn Hosted by and benefiting the Hunt of a Lifetime

Bay Street Ponds

• Darnell’s Grill: Pit beef sandwiches, cream of crab soup and beverages Hosted by and benefiting Friends Helping Friends Network


Apply to be an Official Food Vendor

Through an application process, Official Food Vendors are selected each year by Easton’s Waterfowl Festival Commission – a Town of Easton entity charged with ensuring that Easton’s small town charm is preserved during our event. Vendors must be non-profits (such as churches or volunteer fire companies) or can be caterers or restaurants that are donating proceeds to a local non-profit.  The Commission’s application deadline is August 1 each year.  If you are interested in applying for 2018, please view the 2017 Food Vendor Application.

Talbot County Health Department staff conduct inspections of all of these food service venues during the Festival.  To ensure the safety of visitors, they require all:

  • Festival Official Food Vendors;
  • Restaurants wishing to serve outside their normal physical space and/or place of business; and,
  • Businesses wishing to serve food during events in Easton;

to submit an application and receive approval for a Temporary Food Permit (PDF) .  The deadline is October 25, 2017 for these applications, although Official Food Vendor applicants are requested to submit with their Commission application.